What is a virtual assistant?

So, what IS a virtual assistant, anyway?

A Virtual Assistant — A VA — is a highly-skilled, independent professional who provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services. They are your off-site administrative professional.

How is that even possible?

  • Phone, email, VOIP, texting, and instant messaging
  • Conference calls, teleseminar and webinar software, screen sharing software
  • Next day shipping services
  • Cloud storage and sharing services
  • Project management and team software, online work spaces

What a virtual assistant is NOT?

  • An employee… We are a contracted business entity, an independent contractor.
  • With the advent of Suri, Google, and Alexa and their related “virtual assistant” technology news bytes, we feel the need to add… We’re human.
What are your hours of operation?


Monday – Friday

9am-5pm Pacific


Bank/Postal Holidays and all Major U.S. Holidays

How can I get in touch?
Just bottom line it - how much do you cost?
What kind of services do you actually offer?
Click here to see the services we provide. But if you don’t see something listed, contact us anyway… We might be able to help!
Will you answer my phone?
No. Receptionist services is one item we do not provide.
Why would I want to do this?
Because it’ll help you. Really. See some benefits here.