Vineyard Virtual Services caters to creative business owners needing help with the organizational details. The aim is to allow them the creative space they need to flourish, while providing the support their business needs to grow.

You’re a painter, and you can’t find that particular shade of indigo.

Your jewelry newsletter was supposed to go out three days ago, but you’ve been working on a wedding commission and just cannot get it done.

Your herb shop just got a bunch of new inventory! Guess you’ll be up until 1am getting the items listed. Again.

Your email is getting flooded with questions from your members, but you’re on a deadline to finish the latest ebook you’ve been promising them.

Our company will find you that indigo shade (probably cheaper, too!), send out that newsletter, list your inventory, and answer the member questions.

We get it done, so you don’t have to.

Vineyard Virtual Services was created by Michele Wilcox in 2008. Having over two decades of administrative experience under her belt, she has experience in the non-profit, human resources, entertainment (film music and film distribution), publication, blogging, and freelance industries. Her varied and eclectic experiences have caused her to be an ultimate problem solver (or juggler as the situation warrants).