A note from Michele…

I love creativity. When I think of creative people, I think of sparkles and glitter, magic and wings. Fairies and pixie dust, fireflies and butterflies. I dabble in fabric arts, painting, and jewelry making… But I’m heartbroken to say they’re hobbies.

Those magical folks who create for a living are simply fascinating to me — I have such a deep respect for their abilities. That a person sees that photograph, paints that painting, picks just the right bead, just the right color, just the right yarn, the perfect herb. From the most sophisticated art gallery, to the neighborhood botánica – interior designers to the corner palm reader. It’s what gives us spice, color, and balloons in life.

All of us are creative and talented in some way. For me? My talents lie in lists and check marks. I imagine that I get the same thrill of satisfaction from a list item being crossed off as a painter does when the stroke he chose is just right. I’m skilled at breaking down ideas into systematic tasks. I’m one of those annoyingly organized people. I have a passion for routines and systems. I love to create order out of chaos.

When it comes to business — any business — there needs to be a balance between the art of what you’re producing, and the release of what you’re producing. If someone is in the throes of inspiration, it’s probably a good bet they’re not thinking about the deadline for their newsletter being around the corner. That’s where I come in. And I’m good at it.

I’m blunt. I’ll tell you the truth. And? I’ll get it done.