You create. We support. You flourish.

Find out the benefits of using a virtual assistant to support your creations. Like great watercolor paper, or that perfect pen, you need support for those not-so-fun details.

What IS a virtual assistant anyway?

Click below to find out what the definition of a VA is. But In short? We cut the strings binding your creativity.

Variety and peace. What we offer you.

Remember imagining the possibilities when you opened the crayons? Yeah. That.


You need someone who is blunt, honest, and tells it like it is. In short, you need a nag who helps you get the boring stuff done so you can get back to CREATING!

Tasks and Pesky Details

You need someone who loves the details… To-do lists – and checking them off – is their specialty.

Loves the Creative Process

You need someone who understands, appreciates, and adores creativity. Someone who understands that *click* of the last piece falling into place in your inspiration.

Michele has been the most dependable, self-motivated, ability to think with minimal direction virtual assistant I have worked with. She has excellent communication and follow through skills, and is able to communicate not only when jobs are completed but if there are unexpected roadblocks so I have always known over the past two years if there is something that needs my attention. I look forward to continuing to work with Michele, and highly recommend you add her to your team as well.

Stephanie Shaw

President, Essential Pursuit, Inc.

Michele is hands down one of Solvate’s best Timesmiths. Not only does her work consistently exceed expectations, but she is an overall pleasure to work with. She has never missed a deadline and is someone Solvate and Solvate clients have grown to rely on. Her expertise spans many administrative and professional services and she is an excellent writer. It seems there is nothing she can’t do!

Meghan Paul

Former Director of Talent, Solvate

Not a chink in her armor. Very solid writing, updates on the process, available through many channels of contact. Would work with her again, and refer her to others!

Derek Beachler

UpWork (formerly oDesk) Client

I met…Michele Wilcox through Blog Nosh Magazine where we both serve as editors… I met her in person at the 2009 SXSW conference while we gathered to cheer for Blog Nosh’s two nominations in the Bloggie Awards, and she struck me as smart, skilled, and a small business owner I would like to support. Working with her on this project has been a dream. She designed the book’s interior, formatted, and copy-edited, all fast and flawlessly. Working with a VA who is also a blogger was fantastic, because she knows the landscape and the lingo. It is an amazing feeling to send off a few emails that turn into professional work while you are working on other things, or napping by the pool. Virtual assistants are essential to independent creatives, and I can’t recommend Michele more highly, or thank her enough for her fantastic work.

Deb Rox

Author, 5 Ways to {Blank} Your Blog

Michele is a true team player, always willing to step up when asked, but even better she steps up even when not asked. I’ve worked with her as an editor as well as a virtual assistant on Blog Nosh Magazine. In both roles, Michele has been a true asset to our team, providing her valuable knowledge.

Jennifer Doyle

Former Managing Editor, Blog Nosh Magazine

Michele is a pleasure to work with. Her blog posts are well written, full of relevant content, and speak straight to interests of our our customer base. She is open to all feedback. It is great to have her on our team and I highly recommend her services!

Aviva Weiss MS,OTR/L

CEO, Fun and Function